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JSCS “Rusaviainter” has taken part in the International aerospace salon MAKS-2011 Print E-mail

August, 22 2011

On August, 16-21th CJSC “Rusaviainter” took part in the International aerospace salon MAKS-2011. The company presented the mock-up of the passenger cabin interior, divided on two zones: the Chief passenger cabin and the Conference hall.


During the project work the 3-D modeling was used. At this stage our specialists resolved such issues as: the choice of new materials, the working out of the up-to-date technologies and the matching of the main mock-up parts with the fuselage design of the aircraft.

The unique innovation technology, elaborated by the specialists of CJSC “Rusaviainter”, has enabled the company to manufacture the interior parts of the complex forms and sizes with the highest efficiency and precision.  The using of 3-D modeling helped significantly to cut the time of the technological equipment manufacturing, as the result, the work cycle of the product was reduced to two stages only:

- The digital model of the technological equipment was designed on the base of the existing digital model of the unit.
- The technological equipment was made on the 3axis CNC-machining center “CRENEAU”.

Using the automatic vacuum forming CNC machining has considerably lowered the labor expenditures, provided the high stability of the process variables and improved the quality of the final result.

During the working out of the mock-up some innovative design solutions were applied.

The passenger cabin mock-up includes a cladding panels made of fiberglass plastic with two transparent sidewalls and a central partition, which provides placement of single-sliding door mechanism and the installation of the monitor (the internal surface of the end walls are finished with decorative veneer). The dado, installed along the right side of the mock-up, is made of the honeycomb panels and finished with decorative veneer. The top part of the dado and partitions are covered with artificial suede. There are the little automatically folding table and two seats of premium comfort on the right side of the Chief passenger cabin. Three-seat folding sofa is disposed on the left side.

There are three-seat folding sofa and two pedestals on the right side of the Conference hall. Three passenger seats, equipped with the adjustable headrests and seatbacks, are installed on the left board. The seats move forward and back, to the right and left and rotate through a full 360. The seats are equipped with the individual flexible light fittings. The sofas are equipped with the safety belts system for sitting and lying passengers. The seats and sofas are covered with the natural leather. 

The folding table is situated in the middle of the Conference hall. The table top has folding edge parts and is made of the honeycomb panel 30 mm thick and covered with the decorative veneer. The socle of the table can move and has two levels of fixation in height according to wishes of the passengers. Decorative finishing of the furniture is made of solid wood and a wenge tree veneer of two gradations, with the decorative fabrics inserts. The table tops, the horizontal pedestal surfaces and the ashtrays are marked with the metal edgings and highlighted by the decorative lighting. The window and arch panels are covered with the artificial suede, the ceiling panels are covered with the finish film. The pleated sun-protection curtains, equipped with driving mechanism, are embedded into the window panels. The ceiling panels close the compartments of lighting equipped with the dispersion and reflection system of the ceiling lights.

During the interior mock-up working out process, the advanced electrical system was developed. It gave capability of the simulating work of the regular aircraft systems which provide the high level of passengers’ comfort on the board. The electrical system can simulate the work of the following aircraft systems:

- The main ceiling lighting.
- The side filling lighting.
- The individual lighting.
- The decorative multilevel furniture illumination.
- The in-flight entertainment system.

The “Light and Mood” LED system is implemented as the source of the different types of lighting. It allows to get a light stream of the increased power and the variable range: from the primary colours (monochrome white, green, rad, dark blue) to every possible colour combinations of these basic colours. The application of the unique lighting colours dimmer-adjusters gives capability to get 1,5 billion of programmatically changing hues in dependence on the external board lighting and the flight time.

This system of the ceiling and side filling lighting designed by the specialists of CJSC “Rusavianter” corresponds to the best world counterparts of the electronic equipment producers: EMTEQ, AVIONICS SERVICES, GOODRICH HELLA AEROSPACE, B/E AEROSPACE.



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