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интерьер самолётов

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The main guideline for action of the CJSC “Rusaviainter” is design and manufacturing of polymer composite assemblies and units including moulds, press-tool dies, dummies, accessories.

In compliance with the licenses issued by the Federal Industry Agency the CJSC “Rusaviainter” also implements the development, production and maintenance of aircraft machinery including aircraft machinery of twofold purpose.

One of the guidelines of the company is the development, design and manufacturing of the interiors of pilot and passenger cabins of aircraft. In the context of this activity the CJSC “Rusaviainter” performs the following:

  • development of design projects, colour option and cabins’ packaging according to the Customer’s requirements specification;
  • creation of 3-D models;
  • elaboration of documents for engineering, operating and maintenance;
  • engineering of operating procedure and production accessories;
  • design of control programs for machines with programmed numerical control;
  • design of test programs for polymer composites and integrated systems;
  • manufacturing and assembly of all interior components;
  • completing with integrated systems including systems of In Flight Entertainment, lighting technology and electrical equipment, air seats and furniture, shower cabins, waste-disposal systems and water supply systems by world leading manufacturers;
  • support in operation during warranty and out-of-warranty period of maintenance.





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