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интерьер самолётов

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The structure of the enterprise includes: a Design Studio, a Design Service, Technological and Manufacturing Services, Quality Service and Financial Department.

Exercising the personnel policy of CJSC “Rusaviainter” holds the following principles:

  • providing the employees with the opportunities to constant improvement of professional knowledge;
  • continuity of knowledge and experience;
  • encouragement of everyone’s personal contribution to the company’s development;
  • creating and keeping a friendly atmosphere in the staff that can contribute to the maximal development of individual talents and the whole team’s talent;
  • motivation and encouragement of the personnel in order to improve the effectiveness of the set tasks’ fulfillment.

To achieve these goals CJSC “Rusaviainter” provides the personnel with the opportunities of fast career advancement, high salary and social guarantees. There is a system of monthly material incentives. Trainings for personnel, educational seminars and refresher courses are arranged in order to develop the corporate culture.

Within the youth attraction program CJSC “Rusaviainter” develops the cooperation with Voronezh establishments of higher education. Every year students of the Voronezh Aviation College named after V. P. Chkalov undergo a training course in the Design and Technological Services of the company, students of the aircraft construction department of the Voronezh State Technical University work there.




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