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The underwater fixture RA.676517.001 is developed Print E-mail

01 October 2011.

The underwater fixture RA.676517.001 is developed by the design service of JSCS “Rusaviainter” on the basis of representation office in Belarus .

The underwater fixture is intended for decorative illumination of the underwater space under a vessel (boats, yachts) and it is a part of the illumination system which creates a number of the special visual effects in a night-time. The light-emitting diode fixtures-projectors are placed under a stern and serve exclusively for recreational purposes, lifting the mood on board both while driving, and during in riding at anchor. Besides, in a stern of the majority of motor yachts, platforms for diving and lifting aboard traditionally are placed, and the additional illumination of the back hemisphere serves for convenience and safety.

Light fixture characteristics

Identification mark of the fixture

minimal axial illuminance at distance L meters, luxe

L = 1

L = 3

L = 5












The device is getting the power from the DC source in rated voltage 24 V. , the capacity is no more than 20 W, axial illuminance is approximately 5000 lx on removal of 1 m from a source.

At present the device undergoes a certification procedure in the Russian River Register.



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