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The technology of work with artificial stone was mastered Print E-mail

01 September 2011.

For the first time JSCS “Rusaviainter” has mastered the new technology of work with artificial stone during work on the project for an interior of passenger salon manufacturing for pleasure craft А-145.

Now the company can independently make decorative elements and details of an interior from artificial stone by dusting and casting methods. With the help of these technologies the vessel basins and a table-top have been already trimmed for project А-145.

 That fact is important that by means of a number of the know-how, offered by employees of the industrial department, work with an artificial stone has turned not only an interesting and exclusive kind of activity of the company, but also is a big-budget activity. Thanks to technological innovations, it was possible to experts of JSCS “Rusaviainter” to lower production costs considerably and to raise adaptability to manufacture of the process.



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