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Expansion of the main production area of company Print E-mail

09 June 2011.

In September, 2011 civil work on preparation for operation of a new building of JSCS “Rusaviainter” will be finished. In the near future the company will make expansion of the basic floor space about 2 000 sq.m. to 12 000 sq.m.


 In the increased territory is planned to place following industrial sites:

- A site of manufacturing of industrial equipment (metal milling; aluminum glued forms and master models);
- A site of metalwork assemblage;
- A site of machining of small-sized parts of the plane from metal, aluminum and the titan by methods of millings, turning processing,  flexible and also punching;
- A site of manufacturing of composite equipment (master models; glued forms);
- A site of the calculation and assemblage on glues;
- A painting site;
- A site of machine tools for machining of a honeycomb filler;
- A site of dressing of panels of an interior;
- A site of metalwork assemblage of an interior;
- Sewing shop;

- A site on nondestructive control.

For equipment of industrial base contracts on purchase of the new equipment are already concluded and terms of its commissioning are planned. In the list one of the most important: an autoclave “Econoclave by firm ASC Process Systems, five-coordinate machine tool" Cronus "with ЧПУ by firm CMS Industries, installation five-coordinate hydroabrasive sharp by firm WATER JET SWEDEN.

Today JSCS “Rusaviainter” rents on JSC "VASO" territory S=2000 sq.m. Thanks to the arrangement in territory of aircraft factory the company has a convenient infrastructure that considerably facilitates working conditions with Customers:

- The airdrome, capable to accept all kinds of transport planes;
- A highway, extent of 2 km to a federal line;
- From railway station “Pridacha” RZD to the enterprise the Railway branch is laid and it is equipped with loading and off‑loading crane trestle.



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