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Plan to transfer to the Customer an completed interior of plane Print E-mail


04 June 2011.

In June, 2011 we plan to transfer to the Customer JSCS «Aviation company" Polet  an interior of plane An-148-100E, a works number 41-04.

It is interesting that it is the first project of an interior made for the Voronezh airline. For JSCS “Rusaviainter» the interior becomes already the 9th one to the account. Before Airline" Russia "and Armed forces of Myanma were the basic Customers.

According to the Arrangement between Design Office of O.K.Antonov and JSCS “Rusaviainter», experts of the company have acquired the right of entering the modernization in the interior project in coordination with the developer. So, the lock design has been improved, some sizes are changed and constructive defects are eliminated.

The whole process of manufacture of an interior for plane AN-148 is carried out in one place in territory of the basic industrial base of JSCS “Rusaviainter» in Voronezh. The company provides a full cycle of works: beginning from formation of honeycomb panels and finishing with decoration. The great bulk of accessories are made in the Belarus division: locks, profiles, loops, door handles, arms, or they are bought from famous world manufacturers. The most part of works the company tries to make itself, we enter in cooperation only for purchase of necessary materials and half-finished products (Testori – fabrics, carpet covers, Schnelleer – films, a thermoplasts). The Industrial equipment for volume and flat panels is made on machineswith a digitalprogrammableby the French firm La CRENEAU. Vacuum-autoclave formation of panels – by means of autoclave SHOLZ, machining - on machines with a digitalprogrammable. Then, assemblage, pasting by decorative films and coloring is one of finishing stages of a cycle.

Since 2009 JSCS “Rusaviainter» officially is the basic manufacturer of interiors for An-148 planes. Today manufacture of one interior occupies 1,5 months.



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