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Improving and expanding the range of verification procedures Print E-mail

27 May 2011.

Constantly the nomenclature of procedures of control in Department of quality management of JSCS “Rusaviainter”  is improved and extends.

The main objective of the control system of quality of JSCS “Rusaviainter” is a continuous increase of productivity of work of the organization, and also the degree of satisfaction of Customers at the expense of constant improvement of quality of manufacturing of civil aviation techniques according to requirements of the Russian and International aviation standards.

The company has the Licenses of Federal Agency on the Industry on realization of working out, manufacture and repair of aviation techniques, including the aviation techniques of double appointment (№ 6904-А-АТ-Р; № 6905-А-АТ-П; № 6906-А-АТ-Рмfrom April, 30th, 2008). The quality management system completely corresponds to requirements of international standards ISO 9001:2000, EN 9100 that is confirmed BUREAU VERITAS Certification, the certificate № INT90481DE from 26.11.2009 years. JSCS “Rusaviainter” regularly passes supervising audit on conformity acknowledgement to the international standards.

One of the major principles of the quality management system is the integration within the limits of process and system approaches, the involving of all employees, a reference point on constant improvement, an establishment of mutually advantageous and long-term relations with suppliers.

The system of quality management of JSCS “Rusaviainter” is based on five base processes:

1. Management of purchases;
2. Production management of aviation techniques;
3. After sales service;
4. Designing and working out;
5. Management of a configuration.

The complex approach to quality of production is provided with the uniform information database uniting management by life cycle of a product and resources of the enterprise, with systems of automation of the accounting and tax account.

Conformity of production to requirements of standards and the Customer is guaranteed by presence of multistage control over the output:

- Entrance control of materials and completing products;
- Entrance control of materials and completing products;
- Acceptance control;
- Tests of product samples in laboratory;
- Internal  audits.

In research laboratory of JSCS “Rusaviainter” are carried out:

- Quality assurance of raw materials, materials and completing products;
- Control at all stages of production;
- Working out and introduction of the advanced technological decisions;

The hi-tech equipment, and also expertise and knowledge of experts allow to spend a wide spectrum of tests of composite materials. To researches are exposed as mechanical properties of composite materials and plastics (test for a stretching, compression, a bend, shift), and physical and chemical properties of composite materials and semi finished products (definition of the maintenance of soluble pitch, degree of binding solidification in plastics, definition of density, viscosity and many other tests).

The special attention in the company is given to tests with use of methods of nondestructive control. By means of the special equipment - impedance defectoscope ИД-91М and the ultrasonic defectoscope EPOCH XT, all panels of an interior pass 100 % check on not glue impregnation or stratifications.

Annually within the limits of the obligatory program of increase of qualifying level experts of Department of quality management pass certification in «Scientifically-educational center" Quality "», participate in training programs and seminars BUREAO VERITAS Certification.

The basic indicator of overall performance of department of quality is the indicator of delivery of production from the first presentation to the representative of the customer. In the last two days this indicator has grown from 78 % (October, 2009) to 98 % (May, 2011). Visually this picture is presented on the schedule:

High indicators are supported by means of introduction of progressive methods of the organization of manufacture, activity of the highly skilled personnel and application of the modern equipment.



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