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The new project of JSCS “Rusaviainter” is manufacturing of an interior of passenger ship Print E-mail

11 May 2011.

The new project of JSCS “Rusaviainter” is manufacturing of an interior of passenger ship A145.

In May, 2011 JSCS “Rusaviainter” and JSC «ZELENODOLSKY FACTORY by A.M. GORKIY NAME» have concluded the Contract on working out, designing and the subsequent manufacture of two passenger salons of the flyboat «project А-145». The Vehicle is intended for passenger transportations with luggage on internal and international sea lines in the extent to 250 miles. Thus, on one refueling the car can move till 7 o'clock. At present prospective navigation area of the future vessel - coastal zones of closed seas. «The sea bus» as have already christened a water design, is ready to place on the board to 150 persons and has overall dimensions: it is long – 34,5 m., width – 6,6 m., board height – 2,5 m.

Zone of professional responsibility of JSCS “Rusaviainter” is manufacturing of passenger salon and steering cabin. Under the contract the company is obliged not only to develop design, to make engineering documentation and to provide interior manufacture, and also to equip salon with completing equipment: to integrate interactive systems of audio and video of entertainment of passengers onboard, to establish the household and light-emitting diode electro lighting equipment according to developed by experts of  JSCS “Rusaviainter” to the placing scheme. Design Bureaus (Representation, Moscow) and Design service (Head office, Voronezh) JSCS “Rusaviainter” have already started performance of tasks in view. It is planned that the closing stage of works on interior manufacturing will be carried out on the basis of the basic manufacture of the company in Voronezh.

New interiors two flyboats should find already in the end of July, 2011. 



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