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INTERIORS OF PREMIUM COMFORT by CJSC “Rusaviainter” are the quintessence of individuality. CJSC “Rusaviainter” tries to make the manufacturing products most possibly correspondent to the personal choice and habits, views, tastes and preferences of the Customer. The de luxe class should personify the quality and style of everyday life. The interior style can be different: from classics to avant-garde. But the quality, comfort, functionality and elegance stay the same. Styling design of every interior element is carefully reasoned out, the completeness of composition is emphasized. All high requirements of safety are taken into consideration in the design.

For passengers’ comfort the cabin is divided into several areas: the Main passenger cabin, the Main hall, recreation area, a cabin for accompanying people, auxiliary rooms. The rooms are separated by the partitions with sliding doors. In every cabin by CJSC “Rusaviainter” there is exclusive furniture, soft folding chairs and sofas covered with genuine leather, interior panels of valuable breeds of wood, suède and carpets. The elements of decoration and accessory are of valuable materials: veneer, natural wood mass, artificial stone, titanium nitride, gold.

The Premium Comfort Seats have electric drive of adjustable parts and leg rest control, the back can be leaned back and the headrest’s height can be regulated. The system of in Flight Entertainment is installed into every passenger seat. Three- or four-place divans are also equipped with graphic passenger control units for the system of entertainment and flight attendant call. There are tables with electric drives and folding table top. The windows’ curtain units of accordion pleats type are also equipped with electro-mechanical control drive.

DVD and CD players, several displays, wide assortment of video and audio programs. Flight attendant call, control of lighting and entertainment system is conducted with the help of a Touch Screen graphical passenger control unit.

According to the Customer wish we can organize an office on board the airplane (a conference-hall) with all the necessary equipment including satellite connection and the access to in-flight wireless high-speed broadband Internet, a fax machine, a telephone. The AirShow system displays the information about the airplane location online. The cameras of front-view allow watching the process of the airplane’s take-off and landing.

In the cabins there is LED lighting. LED units can transfer every shadow of colors up to natural ones: sunrise, daylight, twilight. Every passenger seat is equipped with individual LED reading light.

There are facilitated auxiliary rooms: comfort wardrobes for passengers and the crew, modern kitchen units. Lavatory units are equipped with touch-sensitive control and other up-to-date sanitary ware.

All the materials and accessories used in manufacturing and decorating of premium comfort interiors are strictly licensed according to the international aviation standards, they are imported from Europe and the USA.



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