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It sounds paradoxical but when the “Soviet-style interiors” (i.e. all-round contempting minimal comfort) were of broad usage nearly everyone could fly. The time has changed - the civil aviation has stopped being of general use. But on the other hand, comfort and cosiness have become a must when you fly from point A to point B and it doesn’t matter whether you fly business class or economy class.

Fancy a Jacuzzi bathtub at 10 000 meter in the sky? That’s easy. How about a double bed in a personal suite on board a business class jet? Business establishment is no longer surprised by that. What about innovation light-emitting diode illumination? It doesn’t make a big stir. A modern airplane is an office, an apartment and a hotel room over the same space. Besides, a lot of Russian and foreign companies guarantee the cabin individuality. Welcome to the world of comfortable flights independently of whether you are a top manager or a proud owner of an economy class ticket.

V.I.P = «Vehicle Intelligence Power»

Presidents and private airplane owners have long been living in luxury. In “celebrity” cabins there is everything from satellite telephones to exclusive furniture made of “cosmic” materials. As for the companies specializing in superb interiors, in the world there are dozens of them. You can be extremely surprised at what kind of companies work in this field. It’s not common knowledge that the aircraft interiors are also produced by old hands at automobile production, for instance BMW. In the designer’s portfolio of the company there is an exclusive interior for the Falcon 7X Business Jet. The special appeal of the project is the unique lighting that creates the effect of night stellar sky. What helps to create this effect is little light-emitting diodes installed into the ceiling and the panelling. However it is at least naive to think that a trendsetter – although in the sphere of automobile design – can produce something ordinary. And the fact that local companies can compete against the foreign companies in manufacturing luxurious interiors can be astonishing.

Cabin Axioms

It is important to understand that an airplane cabin should not be taken for granted. A cabin is like a quality suit that is sewed according to individual measure. And this rule is to be used not only for the aircraft №1, but also for air taxi. This analogy is supported by the fact that a self-respecting interior company develop several types of interior to every kind of aircraft – in some cases there can be two or three dozens of modifications. The main trend is in the individuality, for instance, in business jet class everything from the number of seats and mini-bars to the type of lighting is adjusted to the wishes of every customer.

The second axiom is the following. Interior manufacturing is as high-tech industry as aircraft manufacturing itself. There are innovations in manufacturing. There are high-quality licensed aviation materials including “cosmic” ones. For example, the basis of the whole interior structure is made of the honeycomb panels, they are light and flame-proof. Firmness, fire safety and high sound absorbing properties are obligatory for such materials.

The third axiom is that both a businessman and an ordinary passenger shouldn’t feel any discomfort over there being in the air and not in a usual office. Minimal requirements for modern interior are comfortable seats that provide feeling of comfort even after an hours-long flight, smooth lines of the panelling that make you feel relaxed, artificial lighting that is similar to natural, and individual systems of controlling everything from ventilation to multimedia. Everything is at hand and convenient in use in compliance with a modern science “ergonomics”.

How We Do This

Nearly all manufacturers let the customer influence the final result and at most stages. Initially a prospective cabin appears before the Customer as a 3-D model. After that state-of-the-art technologies turn an electron prototype into a package of engineering documents and only then experienced specialists using the newest equipment realize the virtual models in leather, fabric and plastic. Besides, all the interior components from seats to carpets are by all means licensed.

That is why the accordance with the world standards of quality accepted in the sector industry is the sine qua non for working in aviation interiors market. The best Russian companies and foreign companies, including American and European, act as the suppliers of equipment, materials, accessories and even software. The most interesting thing is the principle of a construction set. The essence of it is that an interior is formed as if from “bricks”, but the number of elements is enormous. This is how two goals are achieved simultaneously. On the one hand, the aviation interiors manufacturing is a difficult, important and multi-staged work, so it cannot be done without broad cooperation. On the other hand, the wideness of assortment provides the uniqueness of every final result. In general, step by step it is becoming more and more difficult to understand what the airplane is inside when you watch it from the outside – even the cabin outline dimensions of one and the same airliner can differ.

It’s a Must

Every cabin is divided into areas. For instance, it is typical for a business jet to have the main passenger area and the area for accompanying people. This means that there are a bedroom, a shower, a study and a conference hall stipulated on board the aircraft.

Range of colours in the cabin is subject to the requirements of comfort, in most cases there are gentle tones from beige to grey. Such colours can calm you down and can visually widen the space. By the way, especially for widening the space some designers use transparent partitions between cabins.

That’s not right to think that the furniture in an airplane is just for decoration. Everything is extremely functional. The transformable tables can be folded after a meal. The seats rotate at 360 degrees and lean totally back by pushing a button. And even a shower works by the principle of recirculation that means that used water is carefully filtered and after that it is again brought to taps.

Superb Flight

You easily get accustomed to high quality. So easily that afterwards you are at a loss thinking of how you could previously do without a TV-set or leather seats. And this is superb because flights have become as common for many people as trips in a business class sedan. And it doesn’t benefit those who rarely rocket into the sky to reduce the usual life standard as an airplane is not luxury but a vehicle. Exactly with these words we begin to take care of those who prefer the shortest route from point A to point B.




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